Monday, August 2, 2010


Logging dinners cooked is helpful to me--I can keep track of what was successful and apply a little pressure on myself to get cooking.  Tonight was cube steak cooked with onions and peppers (green peppers from the garden) in a sauce made with the ketchup I canned last year.  Served that with mashed potatoes and a swiss chard salad, both from the garden.  Everyone enjoyed it except of course E, Mr. picky eater.  He ate a few potatoes and had some tomato slices.  At least he ate a vegetable.  I struggle with E's pickiness--he would live off of McDonald's and pizza if I let him.  As it is, he settles for grapes, tomatoes, and home made pizza.

I guess cube steak doesn't sound very healthy, but I buy my beef from a local farmer and it is mostly grass fed.  I purchase my chicken, eggs, milk and pork from local farmers.  I think it has been over eight years since I've purchased ground beef in a grocery store.  There is just too much I've read about industrial meat for me to trust eating it.  Local meat really tastes better, anyway.

So, we are far from vegetarians.  I do know where my meat comes from, and that the animals are treated humanely up until the end.

On another topic, I logged 11,000+ steps today.  Bought a pedometer a few days ago and have been trying to log over 10K steps a day.  So far it hasn't been difficult but that will change when I go back to school.

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