Monday, August 2, 2010

Sad Tomatoes

Last year I lost all of my tomato plants very quickly to blight.  It was such a cold and rainy summer and I had planted only heirloom tomatoes, so I wasn't surprised.  This year promised to be different--lots of warm days and sun, so I wasn't very concerned when this tiny bit of yellowing showed up:

I thought it wouldn't do much harm, because the rest of the 14 plants were beautiful!

Alas, three weeks later, I have this:

It's difficult to see because there is still a lot of green, but everything is withering away.  I'm grateful that for now I'm picking plenty of tomatoes, and I was even able to freeze three gallon sized bags for the winter, but the plants are going quickly.

I think I'm going to stop growing tomatoes for a few years to let this burn out.  Ugh.  I'll miss those beauties.

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