Monday, August 9, 2010

Why change the name?

I had originally called this blog The Imperfect Gardener, but wasn't really happy with that because there were soooo many other blogs, books and websites with that title. I didn't want to steal anyone's idea.  So, I considered the general topics in my head that will get out by writing and two thoughts came to mind.  I get my ideas while walking the dog, so Staring at the Dog's Rear-end was one, but there was no way I would use that.  The other thought that is frequently in my head is with kids, gardening/cooking/canning and pets, my kitchen floor is almost always sticky.  Five minutes after I mop, someone will go into the kitchen and spill something on the floor.  I googled sticky kitchen floor and ha! no one uses it for a website or blog (most results were people asking how to clean a sticky kitchen floor.  I'm amazed that people need to google that question, but oh well).  So, there you have it.  Perhaps to celebrate I'll go clean that floor.  Then again, I do have email to check.  And Facebook.  And Twitter . . .

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